Autumn Care Outreach Convalescent Ministry

Members visit and provides Biblical teaching, worship, and praise services to disabled people residing in the home care facility. We share the gospel and encourage those confined to convalescent facilities to worship with us.

Deacons/Deaconess Ministry

The Deacons Ministry assist in worship, Bible Study and evangelism; support the Pastor by serving in congregational and Pastoral care and to administer benevolence, discipline and reconciliation. They pursue the high calling in Christ Jesus by regularly attending Worship services. They also lead in the devotional services, evangelizing, tithing/offering, a gift of seed sowing, and attend Church Advisory and Business Meetings. They desire to hold up the arms of our Pastor by studying the Word of God with our Pastor and implementing God’s vision as it is given to them by and through the Holy Spirit.

Decorations Ministry

This ministry keeps the altar area orderly and attractive. They are also responsible for holiday and special occasion reflections and beautification.

Greeters Ministry

The Greeters Ministry stand poised, willing, ready and able to meet, greet and welcome all members and visitors with a warm smile and a gracious spirit.

Health and Wellness Ministry

Health and Wellness This ministry promotes and provide programs for health and wellness.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry coordinate the activities that involve hospitality and care ministries for the church during various worship services and programs.

Lighthouse Ministry

The Lighthouse Ministry serve, aide and encourage the members, their families, friends, visitors and the community as they serve Jesus Christ. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.  “Matthew 5:16

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry provides sound, audio, and video recordings for all services and church events.

Men’s Fellowship Ministry

To assist men in developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, prayer and outreach.

Mime Ministry

Our Mime Ministry tells a story through expressive gestures and movement. Miming is creative worship that communicates God’s grace to touch the heart of the audience to see, feel, and know that God is real!

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry is responsible for ministering the physical and spiritual needs of church and non-church members such as the sick and shut-in, bereavement, and homeless. They are also involved in projects such as clothing and food giveaway endeavors.

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive the Word of God through the ministry of song. Our Music Ministry consist of three groups:

  • Inspirational Choir
  • Male Chorus
  • Youth Choir

Noonday Prayer

Noonday Prayer is a devotion service to help you keep focus on Jesus Christ our Savior.

Nurse’s Ministry

The Nurse’s Ministry provides medical attention to individuals during worship and ministry services. Our nurses are certified R.N.’s/L.P.N.’s and are on duty to serve.

Pastor’s Aide Ministry

The Pastor’s Aide Ministry provides supplementary support to the Pastor and his family spiritually, personally and professionally.  The members of the ministry are assigned to take responsibility for providing various items and supplies for the Pastor to accommodate his office and pulpit.

Praise Dance Ministry

Our Praise Dance Ministry ministers through dances of praise, divinely inspired by God for worship. Prayer Warrior Ministry Prayer Warriors Ministry regularly have personal devotion and intercessory prayer on behalf of others before God.

Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday School meets for Bible teaching each Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. There are classes for all ages and comprehensive levels.

Trustees Ministry

The Trustees are the “legal custodians” of the church. They are keepers of the Church properties.

Ushers Ministry

Our Usher Ministry serves the needs of the Pastor and the congregation during the worship services, and other occasions as required. This Ministry consists of:

  • Male Ushers
  • No.2 Ushers
  • Senior Ushers
  • Youth Ushers

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Our Vacation Bible School is a fun-filled program we offer, usually during the summer (“vacation”) months, to connect with the children and families in the communities. Vacation Bible School is an outreach meant to bring in children who don’t normally attend church and to teach them the gospel.

Wild Out Wednesday/ Bible Study

WOW/ Bible Study is to train, educate and empower children and adults through bible study, forums, and workshops. WOW Bible Class focuses on teenagers to examine what the Bible says, learn what it means, and see how it relates to their lives.

Women’s Fellowship Ministry

To assist women in developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through evangelism, fellowship,discipleship, prayer and outreach.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is to include children and teenage groups for Bible Study fellowship, group interaction, field trips and activities.